What Killed MTV?

George P Thomas

According to this video by Patrick Cc, MTV used to be a music channel that played music videos 24/7. 

It introduced video jockeys and played a huge role in the music industry by creating music videos in the 80s.

In order to gain more viewers, MTV started to include non-music related shows in the late 1980s because showing music videos all day was not profitable. Even though ratings were low at the beginning, a game show called Remote Control boosted their numbers. This led MTV to create more non-music shows throughout the 90s such as Beavis and Butt-Head and The Real World.

The video talks about how MTV tried to come back to music in the 2000s with shows likeTRL but it was not successful. This is because the landscape of the music industry had changed. People no longer needed MTV to watch music videos because they could watch them on Youtube.

The video concludes by saying that MTV gave up on music and their identity. They are not relevant to todays youth culture. ░